We Give Back!

We Give Back!

Not only do we at 1 Stop Thrift, give great prices to our community at low prices 6 days a week, but we also give back. Our proceeds do go to the hurting men, women and children in our city.


Annual Christmas Giveaway!

We know how hard Christmas can be for those who cannot afford to lavish their loved ones with gifts. Our annual Christmas giveaway provides toys and living necessities to those who need it the most. Last year we gave video game systems, toys and clothing to the community’s crisis help centers and children’s outreach facilities, and Shriners’ children’s hospitalĀ in Spokane, WA. Feel free to contact us to be a part of this annual Christmas giveaway, or find out how to donate!


Daily Giveaways!

We like to make sure that our community “feels the love”. We do this by leaving, almost daily, donations to the community! From clothing and shoes, to furniture and odds and ends, check our store after hours and see what there might be that you would need!