About Us


Here at 1 Stop Thrift, we wanted the bring the city of Spokane a reliable source for used goods. After much research, the owners have brought the best quality and the most competitive pricing. 1 Stop Thrift strives for perfection in all that they put together. From their gorgeous interior ambiance, to the pricing of their goods, their main goal is to create an atmosphere to fit all budgets, and every person!

Our hand crafted showroom is completely unique to anything in the Spokane area. We realize that it’s not just about “saving money” but enjoying the process from start to finish, and we always make sure that the we listen to our customers needs and wants. This means you wont be disappointed in the goods we carry. If it doesn’t sell, or our feedback isn’t good on something, we wont continue reselling it.

We are confident that you will enjoy your shopping experience, and would love to have you come and see our location.


About Spokane’s Premier Thrift Store!